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"Helene held the space with gentle, fierce divine energy. We will always remember her and her beautiful class, joy, laughter, release, magic and sacred circle. Thank you Helene"



the benefits of Yoga        

Yoga is a state of being. When you reach that point all questions stop. The breath quietens and the mind stills. You feel a sense of integration, wholeness and peace. 

By allowing our breath to dance freely in our bodies we release tension. This in turn releases stress in our minds. By twising out our physical and mental knots, lubricating our joints and nourishing our cells with oxygen, we can clarify our thoughts and embody our intentions. 

Through yoga we can:

◊ be kind to ourselves

◊ detach from our own self-destructive criticism

◊ make impartial, balanced judgements

◊ through our bodies, gain direct knowledge

◊ experience freedom in action

helene su yoga Ibiza

"Thank you Helene for a fantastic yoga workout. As a novice I found it extremely comfortable, relaxing, easy and even in the quagmire of such a wet event you created an inner peace and bliss, with laughter and joy that would be difficult to create in the best of conditions. I look forward to meeting you again and sharing your company and space, learning from your many talents. Wonderful, thanks again."



"Helene is a fantastic instructor.  I am usually very self consious but during her class I felt at ease and worked beyond my usual comfort zone.  Her down to earth and friendly manner were both key to this.  The classes I took were varied and the movement rich and flowing.  I felt the classes not only benefitted my body but also touched something deeper and helped me somehow inhabit my body that little bit more."


Mindful Yoga with Somatics and Conscious Dance

Mindfulness originates from Eastern mediation practices, which help us to be more in the moment, accepting, calmer and happier.


If we can recognise when we are reacting to a situation in an unhelpful way, and take a step back to observe and check in with ourselves without judgement, that is a practice of mindfulness.


Often when we go to a new place we are fully present in the moment, noticing every detail, wanting to remember every sight, smell and sound. We are not thinking of anything else in that moment;  that is a practice of mindfulness.


In Somatics when we slow down to ‘listen’ into our bodies with open attention, feeling and awareness, we are practicing mindfulness. 

It has now been scientifically proven that mindfulness can help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain and improve sleep. It can also improve our psychological wellbeing, as we are less likely to get caught up in regrets about the past or worries about our future, and we are kinder towards ourselves.

Hi Helene, I just wanted you to know that you have really inspired me to do my yoga and get in tune with myself. You are very talented in what you do, thank you very much.’