'Coming from a science background myself, I really struggle to engage myself spiritually and allow myself to become inspired by what's directly round me. Helene's workshop really resonated with me in a way I've not experienced before, it allowed me to let go and explore my body's natural movement. I've always been fascinated by the elements, and have tried over the years to embody them in the various forms of dance I practice. The Earth Body Fire Spirit dance workshop really helped me to aligned and engage myself with these natural inspirations and I look forward to taking this forward into my other interests of dance!'

 - Emma

     'During a very stressful time in my life, Helene has helped me through one to one sessions with my breathing/breathe which was having implications for my physical and emotional well being. Helen identified simple exercises adapted to my particular circumstances which I can use on a day to day basis. She listened carefully to my situation and used her training and knowledge from across many disciplines to enable me to take control and start to find my voice. I would be happy to recommend Helene Su to you'

 - Elizabeth

     'Just a quick word to say how much I appreciated your class. I particularly enjoyed your giving movement cues, different ways to move to explore and play with. A different style of leading than I have come across before. I will definitely be there again.'

 - Stephen

     'I am basically a total beginner when it comes to yoga, and have in the past found it a bit boring. But dance yoga with Helen was absolutely amazing! Total game changer for me...highlight of the holiday. Helen got me into an amazing head space, one I won't forget in a hurry. Then to top it all off Helen came back and put me sound asleep with a beautiful massage. Go get her quick...she's magic! Xxx'

 - Ben

     'Thank you for a really stimulating class for both body and mind. I feel more connected to my core and feel better within myself physically and emotionally, and my acid reflux indigestion is not there...its subsided. Amazing!'

 - Mazal

     'Really surprised by the depth of experience. So valuable to get in touch with the inner truth of my body, from my body. Great to give my body time to freely express my self. I heard so much and learnt so much. Helen is a wonderful workshop leader - sensitive, kind, encouraging, empowered and with good, clear boundaries.'

 - Sonja

     'I met Helene at a festival where I attended her workshop on Dance Meditations. Her clear and focused guidance showed me new different ways on how to think about my body and express myself while dancing, helping me to release from rigid movement patterns and tension'

 - Luis

     'Helene's workshop gave me a safe environment to experiment outside of my usual dance training and gave me an opportunity to express myself in ways which are not usually possible in common dance styles which are restricted to set 'moves' that don't always allow you to express yourself through the movement as you desire (as you are commonly judged directly on how "clean" and with-form you can do the moves). She made everyone feel welcome and quite engaged (even my brother who rarely dances) - and her positive attitude meant that I felt that I was learning something new despite my experience in dance.'

 - Kash

     'Helene is a very warm and welcoming person, making me feel very relaxed and at ease during the bodywork treatment. I felt that she was assured and intuitive and she easily found the knots and tension areas on my back and shoulders. She has a wonderful firm but relaxing technique and afterwards I felt tension free and invigorated. Helene has healing hands and I would highly recommend her.'

 - Charlotte

     'I love your way of working with me. You have got such wisdom, humbleness and congruence about you that I feel very honoured to have these sessions with you...this is coming from my heart!'

 - Satu

     'Dance yoga with Helene- she couldn't have got naughtier students and yet held the space wiht gentle, fierce divine energy. It was the perfect yin for our rather yang trip in ibiza. We will always remember her and her beautiful class, joy, laughter, release, magic and sacred circle. Thank you Helene'

 - Laura

     'Helene gave me four one-on-one sessions using somatic explorations and exercises. The first three sessions were characterised by a feeling of being stuck or trapped and wanting to open out. The final one was more like a release into something new.


Helene’s presence throughout was always helpful without being intrusive or over prescriptive. She made subtle suggestions after careful observation and I always found these helpful for the process. ‘Hands on’ was used as needed and requested by myself and this felt very supportive.'   

 - Susan

     'When I attended Helene's yoga dance class, I found it to be a lovely supportive class, varied and interesting'

 - Jane

     'Thank you for providing safe and warm space for exploring different ways of moving our bodies. I feel more free and confident in free flow dancing, it's a great way to feel more present.'

 - Ivan


     'I thoroughly enjoyed the vital body  - lucid mind classes.  It felt like a joyous journey of reconnection with  myself  beyond all the distractions and busyness of life.  Empowered, joyful, grounded, aware, alive  - a  flowing dance of information, awareness, movement leading to stillness, calm and balance' 

 - Jess

     'Helene showed an amazing ability to pick up on my needs at the beginning of each session and to  tailor the class to what was needed on that day. This resulted in the sessions all being very therapeutic but in different ways, varying from energising to relaxing, healing, loosening and freeing. I now feel more in touch with my body and what it needs and will start experimenting with moving in different ways. Thanks Helene for your wisdom and insight. You've definitely opened up possibilities to me that I'd been wanting to move towards but didn't know how to!'
 - Josie

     ‘Helene’s Signature Bodywork Treatment is utter bliss.

She has a knack of knowing exactly what you need and then she draws on years of experience and multiple practices to deliver a beautiful and unique treatment. It’s so luxurious to have this experience in your own home too. When she’s finished, you can simply relax. This is the best treatment I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommended.’

- 'Louise'

     'This August Helene came to give us a dance yoga class at our villa in ibiza..we didn't really know what to expect but what we got was beyond amazing...it unified out group spiritually which gave us a sense of freedom in movement and thought...the ensuing night and rest of the holiday is something we will never forget, in large part thanks to the experience that Helene bestowed upon us..she really did bring some magic that surprised us in the best way – Thank you'

- Ali

     'Helene we had such a good dance off last night in your honour – was epic!!'

 - Lisa

     'My friends and me did a yoga dance class at home during our holidays, it was a very nice and  privileged moment. Helene was very pédagogue, some of us discovered yoga for the first time and the spirit of Ibiza was perfect for this initiation! She made ​​me want to practice yoga when I came back home!'

 - Marie

     'Thank you Helene for a fantastic yoga workout. As a novice I found it extremely comfortable, relaxing, easy and even in the quagmire of such a wet and muddy festival you created an inner peace and bliss, with laughter and joy that would be difficult to create in the best of conditions. I look forward to meeting you again and sharing your company and space, learning from your many talents. Wonderful, thanks again.'

 - Daniel

     'Hi Helene, I just wanted you to know that you have really inspired me to do my yoga and get in tune with myself. You are very talented in what you do, thank you very much.’

 - Claire

     'Helene is a fantastic instructor.  I am usually very self conscious but during her class I felt immediately at ease and worked way beyond my usual comfort zone.  Her down to earth and friendly manner were both key to this.  The classes I took were varied and the movement rich and flowing.  I felt the classes not only benefitted my body but also touched something deeper and helped me somehow inhabit my body that little bit more.'

 - Rachel

     'Thank you for the great massage. The Reiki part of the massage was very unique. Ultimate relaxation and really got my mind in another place. Thank you!'

 - Floris

     'Hi Helene just wanted to say thanks for the amazing massage I had with you. My shoulder was really bad before I saw you and it feels so much better now. Really was the best massage I have had.'   - Gabriella

     'Wonderful massage. I felt so relaxed afterwards I did not want it to end'

 - Steve