The Power of Dance to Heal and Transform

Talk and Slideshow
Noisily Festival, Leicestershire, 11th - 15th July

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Dance has brought together community since time began; documented in ancient temple paintings and carvings, in indigenous tribes and in festivals and gatherings today. It is often used for ceremony and ritual as well as celebration. Unlike other ‘physical activities’ that work on specific body systems, in dance we are a part of the artistic process, as it affects us on a psychological and emotional level.

As a shamanic practice it can radically affect us on a spirit and soul level.


This interactive talk will be part anthropological, part scientific and part experiential, as it aims to inform and inspire. Come explore with her how the majestic power of dance affects us on every level of our being. Our knowledge of the mind body landscape is constantly evolving with new discoveries in the neuroscience and quantum world, and there is the opportunity for discussion and to share. 


Accompanied by a beautiful slide show

Deep Somatic Dance


Noisily Festival

Journey deep into your body to connect to your inner Self.


Using ancient knowledge from Yoga and the Tao, Body Mind Centering, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, you can tap into your body mind wisdom to cleanse, shift and transform outmoded patterns and habits, break out of your logical left brain and access your creative right brain. The practice is supported by our breath, intention and awareness and by connecting our energy centres to the vibrations of the earth.


This class is a perfect way to drop out of your busyness and fully arrive at Noisily.

Find new ways to move, feel more confident in your dance, or simply experience the pure joy of your vital, dynamic dancing self. Come move, breathe, laugh, share and play in creative exploration and leave feeling free, fluid & alive.


The ultimate moving meditation for body, mind and soul.