somatic movement education outdoors

1-2-1's/ Private Groups

Themed Sessions - £60 ph. Pls contact me for a  FREE no obligation meeting /consultation to see how I can help, and also for group rates

Master Your Breath – Master Your Mind


By beginning with breath awareness, we start to balance our brain and enter the present moment. We can find calm, centring and reconnect to purpose. Using pranayama (the yoga of breathing to free our breath and enhance the flow of prana or life energy in our body), mindfulness techniques and meditation; we can revitalise and reset.


Sleep better and feel more energised. Find a deeper mental calm with enhanced concentration, more clarity and peace.



Empowerment through Embodiment


Become more embodied, present, centred and aware, through somatic awareness and somatic movement education. Deep embodiment quietens the brain and lowers the cognitive load. Soothe your overworked nervous system, and connect to your inner power through your body. 


Gain skills in resilience with new coping mechanisms where you are more grounded, engaged, and focussed. Cultivate better communication and listening skills, where you can be more receptive and also stand your ground with calm assertivity.


Dancing Warrior


Drop out of your busy minds and get into your bodies. Science backed light hearted fun, which boosts the immune system and gives you a full reboot. Beginning with a proper warm-up of stretching and breathing, this is an upbeat session, fun, tribal and carthatic, connecting to your courage, fire, passion and strength.


Have better alignment and posture, prevent injury, be fitter, healthier and more agile. Rejuvenating, invigorating and energising, this also initiates neurogenesis of brain cells - new connections, synapses of the brain. Come away glowing from within.



Creativity and  Flow


This is a gentler session with breathwork and movement that leads into creative freeflow dance. Contemplative, mindful and relaxing , we use yogic and somatic practices to help release tension and stress.  We also work with personal and universal themes to gain insight into our internal world. These can be extended into other expressive arts -  through writing, poetry, painting or drawing, so come ready with your personal choice of materials to use and explore.  Food and nuturing for mind, body and soul.



Bespoke Programmes


Please contact me for a consultation to discuss your needs, so that I can create a personalised programme for you.


I can help you with a range of physical and related emotional issues. After initial consultation and assessment, I design a bespoke program tailored to your needs focussing on re-education, and practical exercises designed to fit into your working schedule and lifestyle.


Programmes are proactive whereby you are empowered to take charge of your life. You will be given new tools that can make long lasting changes to your everyday habits to enable you to functional optimally on every level.


Some Issues I can help with:


Stress and Anxiety


Muscle tension and pains

Reduced Mobiity

Sluggish performance                            


Lack of vitality

Bad circulation

Feeling stuck, uninspired

Lacking in body confidence and movement




Your program will be drawn from a range of practices that may include:

Person centered Counselling

Subtle Body Energetics

Somatic Movement Education

Integrated Yoga Therapy




Fusion Bodywork including Reiki

The Methodology is also informed by the continual new learning and developments in Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and the Creative Arts. 


Practical Resources


The knowledge I pass on is based on resources we already have within us, but have either forgotten or never knew we had. Learning to access and trust in our own inner guidance for healing and health is both life affirming and incredibly powerful.

If interested, then please give me a call for an initial consultation. My ultimate aim is to inform and empower you to have your own resources and tools to be the best version of yourself!

    'During a very stressful time in my life, Helene has helped me through one to one sessions with my breathing/breathe which was having implications for my physical and emotional well being. Helen identified simple exercises adapted to my particular circumstances which I can use on a day to day basis. She listened carefully to my situation and used her training and knowledge from across many disciplines to enable me to take control and start to find my voice. I would be happy to recommend Helene Su to you'