Breathwork into Movement and Dance

Fridays 10-11 


Come join us :

to move,
flow and connect..
we can be soulful,
we can vent our fears and frustrations
and we can remind ourselves of the ultimate goodness of human nature at this strange time we are in,
all in the comfort and privacy of our own homes - time to clear space for some 'me' time..

Lets celebrate being human, in our bodies, feeling and sensing and rev up our immune boosting feel good hormones! Guaranteed to lift your mood and your body will thank you too.

Great music a given.


These classes are influenced by yogic breathwork and energetics, somatics and guided free dance. No experience necessary and although we can't connect in person, we can still share smiles and laughter.

Please drop me an email for this week's links! First lesson is FREE.


Any changes to class schedule will be posted on my facebook page Niio Dance x

Coming Home

Wednesdays 19-20.30

Unwind from your day with a class to explore your movement potential, awaken and re-energise. Using yogic breathwork, and body energetics from yoga, the Tao and somatic intelligence, you are guided to find the joy and freedom of creative and free dance. Mindful, inspired, upbeat and carthartic the emphasis is on finding your flow – oh and having some fun!