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bridging Science and the Mystical 

with Helene Su and DJ Hideyo Blackmoon


Saturday 28th September 10am – 2pm


Deep dive into your body to access its innate intelligence, release tension, create new neural pathways, gain clarity and insight.


We will use Taoist breathwork, BodyMind Centering, Somatic Education and Body Energetics in this earth centred, heart centered Movement Meditation and Dance.


We will..


- begin with warm up and guided exercises to help us unravel and unwind our held bodily tensions,

- work through the physical structures of our body,

- travel through our fluid systems,

- connect to the power in our energetic centres,

- release excess heat from our organs in Taoist breathwork,

- release that which no longer serves us to become lighter, freer and make way for new vision.


We will also work with Authentic Movement, connect to each other in supportive pair/group work and sharing.


Using somatic exercises to help us journey inward, we connect to our bodily felt sense.


In the final hour of the workshop we will have a guided transpersonal dance journey where we go into deep realms of movement meditation, to an eclectic ethereal, melodic & tribal soundscape mixed by DJ HIdeyo Blackmoon.

Come join this special opportunity in the beautiful Open Space studio.

25 Euro in advance, 30 Euro on the day

To book What's App Helene 00 44 7990 764471