Are the classes right for me?


The classes are open to all levels:


  • learn how to move more freely or in new ways

  • feel less inhibited about dancing

  • find your own rhythm and flow in your dance

  • become more “body aware” and thus less prone to accident or injury

  • come if you just love to dance!


Whilst also being a good physical activity, the benefits of free dance will filter into better mental and emotional wellbeing.


I don’t have any experience and don’t feel confident about moving. Will I be able to fit in?


The classes are open to all, and inclusive. You can join in as much or as little as you like, rest when you like, sit out when you like.


I will help you to learn to sense and listen into your body, so that you can become more aware of what your body needs and how it would like to move. There is no right or wrong way to do anything. The only thing I ask is that you try and get out of your own way, and listen to what your body needs, rather than what your head thinks it needs to do. 

If you start to relax and enjoy yourself then that is a bonus and you know all is well!

I’m scared I won’t remember the steps


There are no steps to remember. I sometimes teach some simple sequences that you can follow, but ultimately I am guiding you to find your own ‘way’, rhythm and movement. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do things as such.


Sometimes I incorporate some yoga asanas which I use to help you relax, stretch and detoxify.  Again these are not obligatory, I will guide you in, you listen to what your body needs, and nothing is ever forced.


I’m scared I will look silly


We are all our own worst enemies and harshest critics. I really want you to come and feel relaxed, that there is no pressure to look or move or do anything in any particular way. The idea is to drop out of our busy thinking, judging minds deeper into our bodies, and start to feel. This may result in new, freer movement that you have not experienced before.


Memories get locked into our cells, that new movement can release. In doing so, this may also release some unexpected feelings or emotions that we did not expect, which will feel liberating. In releasing blockages we can allow the natural energy in our bodies to flow. 


There will be other much better dancers in the class


Somatic dance is nothing to do with technical prowess or performance skills. We dance for ourselves and not to “impress” in anyway.


This also means that we avoid looking at ourselves in mirrors when we are dancing. It makes us self-conscious and detracts from our internal experience.


When we are truly in our flow, our thinking mind ceases to have these thoughts and judgements which do not serve us in any way.

What should I wear to class?


Clothes that are comfortable for you to move freely in, that is all. Barefoot or soft shoes made specifically for dancing if you prefer.

Dress in layers in case you get hot or cool down again.

Anything else I should bring?


Drinking water if you need, a yoga mat if you have one.. an open mind and heart!