helene su somatic dance class
helene su somatic dance class
helene su somatic dance class

A typical Niio Dance workshop:


We begin with the breath and a gentle yogic/dance warm-up.


We sense into our internal physical structure, eg we may focus on bone, muscle, tissue, blood or our fluid systems through breath, observation and feeling.

Exploring with intention and focus I guide you with specific exercises to ground, open, soften and release in our bodies.


Gradually we evolve into a deeper guided freeflow dance. This may be both yin and watery or yang, fiery and dynamic.


We dance into the flesh of our experiences and I may move us through our vital energy centres, our chakras, to move through our feelings and emotions - passion, fears, tears and joy.

We return to rest in mindful meditation.

We may use art, writing, soundwork or supportive touch. 


Always we share in confidentiality and the class is a place of mutual support, respect and trust, to connect, laugh and be yourself.

Coming from a science background myself, I really struggle to engage myself spiritually and allow myself to become inspired by what's directly round me. Helene's workshop really resonated with me in a way I've not experienced before, it allowed me to let go and explore my body's natural movement. I've always been fascinated by the elements, and have tried over the years to embody them in the various forms of dance I practice. The Earth Body Fire Spirit workshop really helped me to aligned and engage myself with these natural inspirations and I look forward to taking this forward into my other interests in dance!