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East West Fusion Bodywork

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Helene is a very warm and welcoming person, making me feel very relaxed and at ease.

I felt that she was assured and intuitive and she easily found the knots and tension areas on my back and shoulders.

She has a wonderful firm but relaxing technique and afterwards I felt tension free and invigorated.

Helene has healing hands and I would highly recommend her.


I offer a very personalised bespoke bodywork treatment. Through consultation and intuitive sensing I give you exactly what you need, in that moment, for that treatment. Drawing from a wealth of training and experience I delve into my toolbox to apply specific techniques from East and West that may range from deep pressure, to gentle Thai yoga stretching to Reiki.


Signature Treatment

I normally work with a Thai mattress on the floor.


The treatment begins with gentle accupressure, then Swedish massage with/without oil to relax the top, superficial layers of muscle.


Gradually I go deeper, and depending on your needs, I may also introduce some Thai yoga stretching. It may be that you require some extra attention to feet or hands (reflexology), or to lumbar/neck and shoulders for example. Or you may require more around your head and neck area and I can focus on some Indian Head massage.


I finish with some reiki which can be very relaxing. Depending on your needs, you may require more reiki in the treatment.


After an initial consultation, I can give you an appropriate treatment.



‘Helene’s Signature Treatment is utter bliss.

She has a knack of knowing exactly what you need and then she draws on years of experience and multiple practices to deliver a beautiful and unique treatment.

It’s so luxurious to have this experience in your own home too. When she’s finished, you can simply relax.

This is the best treatment I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommended.’



Chair Massage


I can also give treatments on a massage chair. This is a quick and convenient way to get a bodywork treatment. You simply sit on the customised chair and relax forward. I can then concentrate on localised pain, eg your back, neck, shoulders and head.


I work from the Cotswold Health Centre in Stroud or I can come to you, to give you a treatment in your own home. In this way you can drop into deep rest and relaxation without having to negotiate traffic and the outside world post treatment.  I bring everything; all that is needed is a large single bed sized floor space with space to move around.


Treatments at the Cotswold Health Centre are 60 mins £50/ 90 mins £65

Home visits - subject to distance

Please call me for further details and a personalised quote