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The benefits of Dance and

Somatic Intelligence



Come into balance on a deep energetic level to improve your quality of life


Be more centered and grounded


Have a more supple, healthier body, free from stiffness and pain


Have better posture and alignment


Have improved balance and co-ordination


Strengthen your immune system, with active cell regeneration 


Improve the quality of your tissues, muscles and fluids


Enhance your longevity!


Have improved energy levels - more dynamism - get up and go - rediscover mojo!


Have a more youthful, glowing appearance


Release tension and blockages in your body


Improve your confidence


Improved your relationships – with better communication, listening - be more in tune with others    


Feel supported, with more flow and ease with transitions in your life


Enhance your relaxation and enjoy restful stillness


Unleash your potential creativity

Have a calmer stiller mind


Feel happier and more at peace

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